Top 10 cats of 2010

2010 has been an outstanding season again with a record number of 100 plus fish (137 in total) falling to the rods of our clients.

Check out this year’s top 10 cats caught with the help of the lower Ebro’s premier guiding service:

10. Dean Mason’s 166lb monster taken from Eucalyptus Bay in the lower Delta section in late August.

10 Dean Mason 166 Deltebre

9. Tony Hampshire’s mighty 167lber hooked on big cat alley, Amposta during cold weather in mid March.

9 Tony Hampshire 167 Amposta

=7. Tim Parker’s well deserved 168lb fish on a very wet October day from the Campredo section.

=7 Tim Parker 168 Amposta

=7. Gary Carter’s April caught monster of 168lb taken from the rail bridge at Amposta.

=7 Gary Carter 168 Amposta

6. Tony Knight’s was a physical wreck after battling it out with this 172lber under the wires at Amposta in late March.

6 Tony Knights 172 Amposta

=4. Dan Beard caught this 173lber in the wires section at Amposta in early June when the river was on fire.

=4 Dan Beard 173 Amposta

=4. Neil Wickstead with a dream come true at 173lb, also wires area of Amposta in July.

=4 Neil Wickstead 173 Amposta

3. Max Towner braved the cold to bag this January monster of 174lb, our biggest ever from Tortosa.

3 Max Towner 174 Tortosa

2. Matt Nixon enjoyed one of the best ever sessions on the lower Ebro in an early March flood. This 182 was on the chicken factory at Amposta.

2 Matt Nixon 182 Amposta

1. A season’s best and congratulations to Northampton angler Andy Love with this whacker of 188lb from Big Cat Alley, Amposta.

1 Andy Love 188 Amposta