The Top 10 Catfish from the 2017 Season!!

It’s that time of the year again where we see which of our clients made it into the top 10 for the 2017 season on the lower Ebro.

10. Del Elliott 162lb

Del enjoyed some sizzling summer action and this 162lb PB was caught drifting.

9. Phil Barlow 163lb

Phil Barlow arrived just as the big Cats switched on after spawning. This 163 wasn’t his biggest…

8. James Pryor

Jimbo gets a Jumbo – 164lb from the upper reaches of our range at Tortosa.

7. Richard Webb 171lb

Rooster booster – it’s a jumbo PB of 171lb for Rich!

6. Kes Vincent 173lb

This 173 had to be extracted from heavy weed, having been tempted on bottom fished Chicken carcass.

5. Zsolt Papp 177lb

This 177 buried itself in the weedbeds and was a hell of an ordeal to get out of there!

4. Khan Ashraf 178lb

Khanage at Tort – 178lb October action.

3. Zsolt Papp 178lb

A 178lb bruiser, the biggest of the bunch! It was a remarkable holiday for our Hungarian visitors who captured some huge Cats fishing Chicken on the bottom.

2. Danny Milner 178lb

This 178lb was pure theatre and saw the fighting chair erected for Danny who couldn’t quite believe what was happenig!

Number 1 for 2018!!

Phil Barlow 188lb

Phil the Power! An epic 188 lber accepts a bottom fished chicken carcass on a rainy early June day.

Enormous front end proportions on one of the lower Ebro’s top end fish