Pig in a River

  A highly unusual occurrence took place during a late October session fishing with regular client Gary Carter, when a Wild Boar decided to take a swim across the river down by Isla de Gracia, close to Deltebre!   These large animals are normally very shy and tend to be encountered in the mountains rather than the lowlands so it was a major surprise to see one out and about… Read More »Pig in a River

Top 10 cats of 2011

Here’s the top 10 monster moggies from the lower Ebro caught during the 2011 season with guides Al and Martin from 9= Bedford based barbel fanatic Chris Slidel had a memorable moment with this 158lber caught from the Campredo section.   9=  Isidore Montag’s 158lber was lurking in shallow water margins  downstream of the Amposta chicken factory, and was Al’s vote for the ‘fight ot the season’ with an… Read More »Top 10 cats of 2011

Latest Catch Report…. 25th March 2011

We usually regard mullet as the bait of choice for these lower Ebro monsters but sometimes other baits such as small carp and eels will out fish the mulls, with today being a good example. Despite mullet and carp being offered on two rods, it was the eel rod which twice provided the action today, the first take resulted in us pulling out of a large fish early in the… Read More »Latest Catch Report…. 25th March 2011

Latest Catch Report…. 19th to 21st March 2011

Stuart Heyburn has enjoyed a successful long weekend trip with a 7 cat haul including 2 fish over the 100lb mark. Day one was based at Amposta and the action came thick and fast with 2 small cats in the 40lb category topped by excellent fish of 94lb and 102lb, a new personal best for Stuart with mullet the successful bait for all fish. There was a change of scenery… Read More »Latest Catch Report…. 19th to 21st March 2011

Latest Catch Report…. 14th to 18th March 2011

It’s been a turbulent week conditions wise, with everything from torrential downpours, hurricane winds and then glorious sunshine for Mark Wilkinson and crew to contend with. The fishing has reflected the weather to an extent with a real mixed bag of results as the fish switched on and off in the crazy conditions. Fish of the week has been a superb 150lber caught by Mark on wednesday, a new personal… Read More »Latest Catch Report…. 14th to 18th March 2011

Latest Catch Report…. March 11th to 13th 2011

After some lovely winter weather in February the climate has changed and some unsettled wet weather has come in. Heavy rainfall coloured up the water over the last few days and the cats were out and about looking to feed. Jamie Westwood has enjoyed the best of the action with a good double catch at 92 & 85lb, check out the lovely colours on the 85, caught down Deltebre in… Read More »Latest Catch Report…. March 11th to 13th 2011

Latest Catch Report…. 8th – 10th March 2011

Bryce Henderson has added to an impressive portfolio of 100lb cats with his 31st treble figure fish, but rarely have the circumstances of the catch been more unexpected…. While playing a kitten of around 20lb a super aggressive monster moggy of 150lb came and snatched the smaller fish at the side of the boat…. and managed to impale itself on the rig’s flying treble! A violent fight ensued with the… Read More »Latest Catch Report…. 8th – 10th March 2011

Latest Catch Report…. 4th March 2011

The 2011 season was up and running in spectacular style today with a 4 fish day including a bonanza haul of 3 100 lbers in just the first 2 hours of the day. Heavy overnight rain which had continued into the morning had stirred the river up and the coloured water suggested a result would be likely despite a significant temperature drop. First honours went to Jonathan Pickering who tamed… Read More »Latest Catch Report…. 4th March 2011