‘Play the Blues’ – Ebro style!

There’s always a good chance to catch a bonus sea predator when you’re fishing the Delta section, and the last couple of seasons have produced a number of Blue fish.

This fish migrates up the river during the warmer months and will often attempt to take small livebaits intended for the cats. The fish has a sharp set of teeth and is a voracious predator which will chase the baits right upto the surface – leading to some fantastic visual strikes. It’s no surprise that in other parts of the world the fish has earned the nickname of ‘Chopper’!

Unfortunately the fish are not big with most captures coming in around the 8 – 10lb category, so not likely to give you much trouble on the heavy gear used for the cats! The largest specimen to be boated to date weighed in at just shy of 15lb, Isidore Montag the delighted captor after we took a break from the cats to target the fish. As an added bonus, this is a great eating fish and makes a welcome addition to the barbecue…

Cracking Bluefish took a mullet in the fading evening light