Lower Ebro Catfishing…. Latest Catch Reports…. Mid September 2017

The action has been thin on the ground again this week, with the Catfish seemingly less hungry in the cooler water as we come into the autumnal season. Thankfully the majority of the chances that have come our way have been converted, with long waits imbetween bites. Fish of the week was a 158lber caught by Richard Lawrence, who also caught a known fish ‘White Whiskers’ at 128 later in the week. There was also a good double for Richard Herring with Cats at 140 & 116. The chicken method has accounted for all ton plus fish this week.

Great start to the trip with Noz catching this 158 early on first morn

Kipper 140

We almost lost this 116 around the channel marker bouy but the 200lb Power Pro hooklink held (just)

Noz captures the known fish ‘White Whiskers’ at 128lb