Lower Ebro Catfishing…. Latest Catch Reports…. Mid March 2018

A pretty good start to the season this week saw 9 Catfish caught, which is a decent return with the water temperature still cold and below 10 degrees. The river is running fairly high after the deluge of rain and snow across the entire Iberian peninsular earlier in the month. This is a really positive thing because the extra flow has pushed out the brackish water which has been creeping upstream for almost two whole years!

The two big fish have been a 179 for Darren Struthers and a 136 for John Pedersen, both caught from the same slack-water pool around the Titchin’s snags area at Amposta. Both fell to legered Chicken carcass. Other fish have been medium to small, John also snared a 76 while there was a 56 for Joe Dentith.

A few days off now unfortunately, before fishing starts again next Monday..

Daz gets the season off to a flyer with this massive slug of 179

John Pedersen bagged a superb 136lber for a new PB

John leans into his 136

Spittin’ feathers at the side of the boat!

John with a 76lber caught on the first day of the trip

Joe Dentith got the first one of the new season, a 56lber

1000s of gallons of water surging down the Ebro have pushed the dreaded salt back