Lower Ebro Catfishing…. Latest Catch Reports…. late February 2013

Gaz hits the jackpot with 198lb capture!

2 close to call! Gaz just misses out on a landmark fish..

The 2013 season has gotten into full swing with a bang this week after Gaz Titchin bagged a lower river record of 198lb in cold water conditions.

Gaz and fishing pal Jack Walker, who enjoyed a successful mid December stint in 2012, returned to the lower Ebro for more excellent winter action and were not disappointed after another productive 5 day session which yielded 9 cats. The clear highlight of the trip has been the capture of Gaz’s monster cat, which accepted a mullet drifted into a snaggy slack north of Amposta at around 11.00am. The fish put up a big fight in deep, pacey water before finally coming to the boat. Despite narrowly missing out on the landmark first lower river 200, there was still much delight at this break through capture.

Huge head and girth, and nearly 8ft long!

Huge head and girth, and nearly 8ft long!

The rest of the week had ups and downs, with some horrendous weather having to be endured including a full day of heavy rain! The guys also enjoyed the fastest ever catfish to be caught during a session, with a greedy 57 taking a mullet around 5 seconds after lowering it into the river to start the day! The river has been high and cold, with snow melt water keeping the water temp in the 8.5 degree celsius range.