Lower Ebro Catfishing…. Latest Catch Reports…. Late August 2017

Bottom fishing with chicken carcase has been a revelation this summer and continues to produce Catfish of the highest calibre down on the lower Ebro. One particular hotspot, fishing off a bank of weed north of Amposta, is absolutely on fire at the present moment and has produced 3 gargantuan fish for first time visitor Zsolt Papp from Hungary. He has bagged Cats of 157, 177 and 178 in a 4 day session, with some epic battles involved in extracting these brutes from heavy weed growth. There have also been fish of 135lb to Zsolt Lantai Jr from the chicken factory swim, and a 66lb for Zsolt Lantai Sr.

Come to Papp… This 157lb was the first of an outstanding treble for ZP

This 177 buried itself in the weedbeds and was a hell of an ordeal to get out of there!

A 178lb bruiser, the biggest of the bunch!

Zsolt jr had some great fun with this hard running 135lb