Latest Catch Reports

Updates of the most recent sessions on the Ebro complete with photos of the best captures.

Latest Catch Report…. March 4th 2009

Scotsman John Part was in the action again today with this fantastic fish which fell just shy of the ton at 98lb. John had a successful trip with us last October but this was his biggest to date and followed a 36lber caught in the morning. Fishing partner Thomas Pijnacker from Holland landed his first ever catfish from the Ebro at 65lb later in the afternoon. All fish today were… Read More »Latest Catch Report…. March 4th 2009

Latest Catch Report…. March 4th 2009

What a memorable start to this session. Within 10 minutes of putting the baits out Hans Josemans from the Netherlands was battling it out with a giant Ebro cat of 142lbs, a great result early doors. The fish was followed shortly afterwards by another lump of 96lb caught from a similar area for Keith Leclair from The USA. The weather deterioratted later in the day with the arrival of strong… Read More »Latest Catch Report…. March 4th 2009

Latest Catch Report….. March 3rd 2009

A great reward for persistence today for Ian Weeks who took 2 fish in the final hour of the session. The first one weighed in at 58lb, but that was a baby compared to this impressive specimen of 118lb which took a mullet on the ‘ledge’ drift close to Amposta town. The fish took some beating and made some mighty runs in this relatively shallow area of the Ebro.

Latest Catch Report…. March 3rd 2009

A great result for Mick Young on his first ever visit to the Ebro. After being broken in with some small cats yesterday Mick got a taste of the real action with this whacker of 120lb. The fish was sitting just off a weedy plateau close to an island in the river and took a large mullet trailing the boat close to the bottom. An epic battle was to follow.… Read More »Latest Catch Report…. March 3rd 2009

Latest Catch Report…. March 1st 2009

An incredible half day session for Joe Armitage with our new guide Mike Smith today. An early morning start yielded an unbelievable double hook up with the fish weighing in at 155lbs and 170 lbs! Surely one of the biggest braces ever bagged simultaneously down on the lower Ebro. Both fish took mullet at almost the same instant and Joe managed to subdue the first one before taking over from… Read More »Latest Catch Report…. March 1st 2009

Latest Catch Report…. March 1st 2009

What a fish for youngster Jason Spence, this monster from Amposta weighed in at 146 lb and put up a marathon battle before finally being subdued. Jason also caught a 65lber earlier in the session to complete a memorable day on the Ebro.

Latest Catch Report…. February 28th 2009

A turn in the weather from bright sunshine to cold, breezy and raining, and also a drop in the river level made for a really tough day. The session seemed to be heading towards a blank until two late captures saved the day, a 59lber for Calvin Keable followed by a 70 to first timer Joe Batchelor. Both fish were again laid up close to the edge and accepted mullet… Read More »Latest Catch Report…. February 28th 2009

Latest Catch Report…. February 27th 2009

A mild, sunny day with air temperatures reaching 20 degrees saw the cats willing to feed. Joe Armitage and his partner Emma Blackburn got their trip off to a good start with 4 cats landed of 72, 62, 30 and a 20lber caught by Emma, her first ever fish. Margin fished mullet was the successful formula.

Latest Catch Report…. 30th January 2009

Winter time is great for the big cats here on the lower Ebro, and today’s session was no exception with Mick Riddell bagging this lump of 151lbs. The fish beats Mick’s previous best of 135lb which he caught with us back in March 2007. The winning formula was once again a decent sized mullet fished close to the edge, the fish was sitting in a known hotspot under an over… Read More »Latest Catch Report…. 30th January 2009