Latest Catch Reports

Updates of the most recent sessions on the Ebro complete with photos of the best captures.

Latest Catch Report…. March 20th 2009

The river is highly unsettled at present and today had risen approximately 2ft with plenty of debris washed down by the extra water. Initially this seemed to have had an adverse effect as the first 6 hours passed with no action on the floats, but just when you least expect it, this beast of 129 hammered a mullet and gave Tony Scott his first experience of a treble figure fish.

Latest Catch Report…. March 19th 2009

After a couple of tough days with just a few small kittens, it was a relief to get back amongst the big fish again today. The river level dropped dramatically over night and this seemed to encourage the better fish into feeding again. Dave Couzens, returning to the Ebro after a successful trip last November, bagged this fantastic Personal Best of 127lbs on a mullet fished in shallow water close… Read More »Latest Catch Report…. March 19th 2009

Latest Catch Report…. March 14th 2009

Andy Phillips completed his best ever trip to the Ebro today with another huge cat, this time weighing 138lbs. The fish is Andy’s 13th 100lb plus fish caught with us since he first started visiting the Ebro in 2003. Unfortunately, due to an untidy hooking arrangement, we had to release the fish immediately without photograph to avoid causing any unnecessary stress.

Latest Catch Report…. March 14th 2009

John Miller got in on the act today on the party’s final day. John managed to snare two Delta cats, the first a pristine 35lber, followed by a very aggressive 81 which put up the sort of fight more associated with treble figure fish.

Latest Catch Report…. March 13th 2009

A marathon fight for Jamie Layzell which lasted over 40 minutes from this Amposta fish of 142lb. The fish took a mullet close to Amposta town and put up a dogged battle with long, surging runs before finally giving in. The fish represents a new personal best for Jamie, beating his previous biggest of 117lb.

Latest Catch Report…. March 13th 2009

The stag Andy Phillips had a magnificent result today with a monster brace of catfish from the Ebro Delta weighing in at 143lb and 149lb. Also sandwiched between these two beasts was a 97lb personal best for Kenny Gates. The 149 gave a memorable take, smashing the float under at high velocity with absolutely no warning before blasting off on a high speed, powerful fight. Check out Kenny playing his… Read More »Latest Catch Report…. March 13th 2009

Latest Catch report…. March 12 2009

Lee Doctor Hornsby is one of our more prolific catchers of ton up catfish and this was his 6th in just 3 visits to the river with This beauty weighed in at 108lb and was taken early in the session. There was plenty of drama as the fish found a mid channel sunken tree on the bottom, but was successfully manouvered out. The fish also shed the hooks just… Read More »Latest Catch report…. March 12 2009

Latest Catch Report…. March 12th 2009

Some pleasant sunny weather has warmed the river up a couple of degrees since we were last out and the cats have begun to wake up. Andy Phillips , out on his Stag do, had an excellent day today with fish of 81, 95 and 30 caught in both shallow and deeper water. Mullet was the bait and all fish were located close to Amposta town. Fishing partner Kenny Gates,… Read More »Latest Catch Report…. March 12th 2009

Latest Catch Report…. March 6th 2009

Despite the gale force winds which made drift fishing impossible today some excellent results were achieved. John Part recorded a memorable hat-trick of catfish all caught whilst moored on the same hotspot. The first fish was 71lb, and was followed by an energetic 136 which nearly took the whole spool of line, with the guide reluctant to follow into what resembled an inland sea in the centre channel. The icing… Read More »Latest Catch Report…. March 6th 2009

Latest Catch Report…. March 6th 2009

This specimen accepted an eel over 2 mullet offerings and completed a superb visit for Hans Josemans who caught each day of the trip. The 104lber was a major victory over the elements as we have been battered by 50mph winds from the north over the last 2 days.