Bizarre Catches..Sea Creatures

Huge 53lb Leer Fish close to record proportions!

Drifting with small carp down the margins of Isla de Gracia we received a very welcome surprise when Adrian Cook hit into this magnificent Leer Fish of 53lb. This is quite a specimen, given that the listed world record for this species is given as 61lb! The take was quite spectacular as the carp came up in the water very close to the boat and the huge flash of silver… Read More »Huge 53lb Leer Fish close to record proportions!

Fly Fishing for Catfish? Danish anglers prove it’s possible!

Fly fishing fanatics Marc and Henrik Skovby from Denmark embarked on an ambitious project with us over a week in early July – to prove it is possible to capture a Catfish on the Fly. We knew the task would be difficult at the start of the week, and the guys accepted that even a single capture of a Siluro on this method would represent success. The Flies which were… Read More »Fly Fishing for Catfish? Danish anglers prove it’s possible!

Blue Fin Tuna in the Med!

The Mediterranean Sea is often over looked for fishing, thought of as over fished and barren. However, reports of decent catches of exciting game fish, including mighty Blue fin Tuna, are becoming more regular and Mart had the chance to sample some of the action with our recent visitors Terry Smith and John White. Fishing with a local guiding service for an afternoon / evening session, Mart was fortunate enough… Read More »Blue Fin Tuna in the Med!

Al’s Panama blue water fishing trip, December 2013

In honour of my Dad Bryce’s 70th birthday we had planned a special ‘ once in a life time’ fishing adventure, and after extensive research into various locations we opted for Paradise Fishing Lodge in Panama. The journey was from Madrid to Panama City (around 10 hours on the plane), with an over night stay in Panama City. Unfortunately we were too jet lagged to take in the sights and… Read More »Al’s Panama blue water fishing trip, December 2013

Lower Ebro Catfishing…. Latest Catch Reports…. early August 2012

The catfishing has been fairly indifferent of late with the fish becoming quite lethargic in the high water temperatures during a spell of blistering heat here in Catalonia. There has, however, been significant activity from some of the predatory sea species down on the Delta section, particularly during the evening time. We decided to target the Bluefish and Leer Fish today, and the reward was a cracking ‘Blue’ of 14lb… Read More »Lower Ebro Catfishing…. Latest Catch Reports…. early August 2012

Al’s Indian Mahseer Adventure, River Cauvery, January 2012

It’s one of those trips which really captures the imagination, the prospect of catching a huge and beautiful fish from a wild and mysterious location. Fortunately, this January I got the opportunity to embark on this angling pilgrimage accompanied by my dad and 2 friends, Mike Heljula and Chris Slidel. We journeyed from Heathrow to Bangalore (around 10 hours), and were then transferred by mini bus to the Galibore fishing camp which… Read More »Al’s Indian Mahseer Adventure, River Cauvery, January 2012

‘Play the Blues’ – Ebro style!

There’s always a good chance to catch a bonus sea predator when you’re fishing the Delta section, and the last couple of seasons have produced a number of Blue fish. This fish migrates up the river during the warmer months and will often attempt to take small livebaits intended for the cats. The fish has a sharp set of teeth and is a voracious predator which will chase the baits… Read More »‘Play the Blues’ – Ebro style!

Pig in a River

  A highly unusual occurrence took place during a late October session fishing with regular client Gary Carter, when a Wild Boar decided to take a swim across the river down by Isla de Gracia, close to Deltebre!   These large animals are normally very shy and tend to be encountered in the mountains rather than the lowlands so it was a major surprise to see one out and about… Read More »Pig in a River

123lb Cat coughs up a Terrapin!

The cats were feeding again today with a 5 cat haul which included 3 small fish and 2 whackers of 140 (Mick Cannings) and 123 (Shaun Cannings) out of the Deltebre section. Bizarrely Shaun’s fish coughed out it’s previous meal on the boat, a rarely seen fully grown terrapin! It shows what these monster fish will take on when they’re in feeding mode!