We are a professionally run partnership offering Fishing Holidays in Spain, providing Guided Catfishing Tours on the river Ebro, Europe’s Premier location for catching Wels Catfish.

If you are serious about Catfishing and are ready for an action packed fishing holiday in a sun basked and beautiful location then you should consider booking your trip with ebro-cat fishing.com. Here are a few reasons why:

Experienced, Professional Guides

Pioneering specimen anglers Al Henderson and Martin Fawcett have been catfishing on the river Ebro since 1998 and have just completed their 10th full season working as professional guides. During this time the catches have been truly phenomenal:

  • Over 5,000 Catfish have been captured to date
  • More than 980 of these have topped the 100 lb mark
  • An average daily catch rate of 3 fish per boat
  • A World Record 215 lb fish caught by Martin, November 2005

Wels Catfish – Europe’s largest freshwater fish!

The Catfish is Europe’s largest freshwater fish, growing to sizes in excess of 250 lb. These supreme predators have rapidly populated the Ebro since their introduction just over 35 years ago. The warm water and abundant source of bait fish allow the fish a nine month growing season, and fish can pile on up to 10lb of weight in a single season. The catfish fight like nothing you have ever hooked in fresh water before. Initial runs can be up to 100 yards, and the cats have stamina too, with battles lasting up to 45 minutes.

The Lower Ebro – A Prolific and Unspoilt Venue

The lower reaches of this mighty river provide the perfect location to fish for catfish. Unlike some of the heavily pressurised upstream locations which are lined with anglers, we are regularly able to drift for a full day in catfish infested water without seeing another boat. This is proper predator fishing, working free roving live baits using a mobile approach. The excitement when the float disappears cannot be matched. Some examples of what this devastating venue can produce include:

  • Catches of over 10 fish per boat per day have been recorded
  • 5 100lb + fish on one boat in a day!
  • A record total weight on the boat of 693 lb in a single day.

If you have seen the press reports and decided this is for you, then look no further than Martin and Al as your expert guides, you will not be disappointed. Come and book your cat fishing holiday in Spain!